The appropriate base is determined by the substrate and expected use. Generally the foundation for walking areas should be a layer of sharp sand 10 cm thick.
For use with cars a compacted layer of hardcore 15-20 cm plus 4-6 cm sharp sand.


Create the edges with aluminium, galvanized steel, wood, or PVC. Height (10-15 cm) and thickness depending on expected use. Use laser alignment where possible to achieve the correct levels.


After compacting the sand layer is flattened and excess sand removed. Also remove contaminants or sharp objects.


Each Pro Grid has a surplus on 2 sides of the geo-textile. Place the plate on the excess geo-textile of the adjacent grid for maximum stability and strength, as well as limitation of weeds.

Cutting At Edges

Create the custom grids along the sides or around obstacles using a manual or power saw.


Fill the grids with 1 or 2 sizes of gravel 3-15 mm, in such a way that the layer arises 15-20 mm above the grids.


Rake the gravel and spread it evenly. Maintenance is limited to the removal of leaves, dirt and occasionally raking. Make up where necessary so that the grids are completely covered with gravel.

Alson Gravel Grids are Distributed by: Castle Composites Ltd
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